Rotary Club of Gosford West

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ABN: 91 691 177 435
Post Office Box 234 Gosford NSW 2259, Australia.

Service Above Self

In one way or another, we all take out of the system—how nice to be able to put a little back—The Difference is Rotary.

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Drought Relief

Central Coast Rotarians recently travelled to Merriwa to deliver 50 bales of Hay (weighing approx. 320kg each - a total of approx. 16000kg).
This is only enough hay to feed about 150 cows for 1 week. When you consider that 1 of the farmers would probably run over 1000+ cows, there is not much hay to feed all their cows.

One young farmer there said "it wasn’t just the delivery of Hay that they appreciated, it was also a great morale booster to them, & showed that people really did care about their situation".

The farmers said they needed it to rain for a few days (5-10 mm per day), & then rain again in a few weeks for them to get some grass growing again.

Apart from the Hay, we also had hampers delivered on the Hay truck, which were supplied by Foodbank. This consisted of 6 Pallets of both Food & Personal hampers (about 180 food hampers & about 160 Personal items hampers).

The President of Merriwa Rotary (Mark Whales) said these will be distributed across the community because, apart from farmers, there are many others in the local community doing it tough. This distribution has its own difficulties, as many people don’t like to ask for a handout & may be reluctant to accept charity. Mark and Merriwa Rotary Club will manage this, and will keep us updated on how this goes.

A special thanks to John Brent from our club for coming up with the initial idea & making it happen,

We want to thank Foodbank and their CEO Gerry Anderson for supplying all the Foodbank hampers at such short notice. It will make a big difference helping the local community.

Also a big thank you to Tony Sullens from Mangrove Produce for supplying the hay at a very reasonable price & for giving up his time and delivering the hay to Merriwa at no additional cost.

Finally, a big thank you to all the Central Coast Rotary Clubs that were involved and contributed to this project. It was great that so many Central Coast Rotary Clubs got behind the project & we are sure that the Rotary Club of Merriwa really appreciated our help and assistance for their local farmers & community.


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